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The Time is Now

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Chris who appears in my memoir as the dashing sea captain says, "Silence and acceptance will become America’s downfall! Just like in 1933 in Germany ! History repeats itself!"

I've telephoned the DC office of my congressman and told him it's time to begin an impeachment inquiry. Today, Rep. Carbajal pushed the number of representatives in the House calling for hearings to a majority of Democrats.

Trump’s criminal conduct is under investigation by the House committees and in my opinion warrants impeachment proceedings. What is not mentioned by Speaker Pelosi's August 2nd statement on the status of the probes is Trump’s crimes of moral turpitude and crimes against humanity. These acts are also under investigation by the House.

He is NOT MY PRESIDENT but in his name, and the names of his supporters and enablers, people at the US Southern Border are confined in cages and treated worse then we treat our pets. For those seeking political asylum in the US who must wait in Mexico, they live In filthy, disgusting ‘refugee camps’.

I can’t breathe from the amoral stench of Trump and his crowd of believers and followers. While Congress is in recess, it’s time to March and Rally again.

Street Tarot
Street Tarot

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