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Keeps you in suspense even when you think you know the ending. This is one of those rare books you have a hard time putting down once you've started it. I pretty much neglected life for twenty-four hours to get to the end. Having given memoir workshops for years and written blogs and books on the subject, I was interested in My Random Death both for its content and for its technique. The return in several chapters to the pivotal event was a stroke of editing genius. And so was leaving the reader with a sense of mystery at the end. Beginnings and endings are especially challenging in memoir, but the ending of this book leaves the reader with a real sense of mystery.



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I really enjoyed this book. I couldn't put it down. Very interesting. An incredible life's journey recalled in amazing detail. Myra Mossman is a brilliant and spiritually aware woman with a very practical, survivalist attitude. Fascinating!




author of Wired For God, Adventures of a Jewish Yogi

Sometimes the most devastating circumstances in life become a portal for growth and transformation. Myra Mossman’s memoir, My Random Death, is a stellar example of triumph over a brutal attack and an encounter with death, which ultimately changes the trajectory of her life.


Her story will inspire others to not be a victim, to grow in the face of challenges, and to find the true meaning of life. The mystical underpinnings of Myra’s story will empower the reader to recognize the forces in their own life that are always guiding human beings to find their own life purpose and inner fulfillment. A fascinating read!


author of Stalking Carlos Castaneda; The Child Is Not Dead; and Archetypes and the Body.

Myra Mossman is  “Twice-Born” (Defined by Merriam Webster as ‘Having undergone a definite experience of fundamental moral and spiritual renewal’). Her rebirth encompasses The Physical and the Metaphysical, the Academic and the Esoteric, the Magical and the Mundane. Her multiple accomplishments are achieved with power and vulnerability. Her story awes and inspires. It takes us on a journey with a woman who embodies the heart, the spirit and the discipline of a warrior.


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Myra uses great imagery in her writing. While reading I felt like I traveled back in time and vividly could see the scenes of Detroit, Windsor, Calgary, her martial arts training, etc. I thoroughly enjoyed reading her story and getting to know her more. There were so many times I could relate to how she was feeling and the decisions she made in those moments. She reminded me that our own intuition is our most precious gift to ourselves and that it needs to be trusted.


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5.0 out of 5 stars - Exhilarating!

Myra is an excellent writer with the ability to share a very personal account of her survival from a tragic event. The way it affected her personally was profound & allowed her to develop professionally in several realms.


author of My Real Name Is Hanna

I just finished your book. I read it in a day. It was very hard to put down. I am so sorry for what happened to you, but obviously it was a profound experience that helped shape your life for good. I am sure your memoir will spread a powerful message to all survivors of violence of any kind. 


Goodreads Reviewer

My Random Death by Myra Mossman certainly caught me by surprise. As I was reading the blurb about the book I was red to read more about the writers journey and her experiences with life and spirituality. As I have never been a victim of a real true crime, it is hard for me to fully understand what the emotional roller coaster someone who has experienced it goes through. Until, I read this book. The author does a great job holding your interest in each and every chapter throughout the book which, in my opinion, is a feat in itself. I usually know if I can get through a book within the first few chapters. I did notice that a few of the chapters did drag some but not terribly too long. I do not want to give the storyline away so I will just say that I was captivated by the writers story and strong story telling abilities that I could not put this book down. I am a huge fan of true crime/mystery novels and while this is somewhat off of that course, it was truly a novel that will have you rooting for the protagonist through each chapter.


co-author of The Gourmet Girls Go Camping Cookbook.

A lovely and engaging read! Memoir is my favorite genre, and I thoroughly enjoyed Myra Mossman's memoir. Her journey to her random death and her "afterlife," she survived and wrote to tell about it, was fascinating. I was especially intrigued by the meaningful coincidences she described in the book, as they led her down her life's path. It's a good reminder to stay open and pay attention to those moments in our lives that we might ordinarily regard as mere coincidences. But nothing happens without a reason in Myra's story, which I highly recommend to readers!


Millionaire Medium 

Myra Mossman's book and story are amazing!!! I'm thrilled I was able to interview her in my "Exploring Death" podcast episode #88. Click here for a link.



My Random Death - A Memoir was a compelling read from start to finish. I couldn't put this book down and read in over the course of a weekend. It's well written, authentic and empowering to anyone who has ever been a victim of a crime.

One has to wonder what path Myra's life would have taken, had she not been left for dead. She had all the ingredients for a rather 'normal' and possibly mundane life, based on her middle class upbringing in Windsor, Ontario. But, the course of her life was forever altered with this heinous event, and she managed to magnificently live her life, independently, and on her terms, ebbing and flowing with academic, mystical and fascinating events that have shaped her life to this day.

I knew Myra as a young girl and I am so proud of how she turned something so chilling into a life that has been fruitful and mind-blowing, in so many different ways.

This story is a great read and one you'll enjoy. Never give up your soul to an event that you haven't authored. Rise above it and make something good happen - Myra certainly proves it's more than possible; she living proof that ambition and motivation take a back seat to circumstance! Enjoy the story of how a young, frightened girl matures into a multi-dimensional woman when her life was threatened.


Goodreads Reviewer

When I finished this fascinating book, I realized that the title was ironic. I found Myra to be a gifted, natural storyteller, weaving a skein of events into a fabulous tapestry of a life. What a varied and well-travelled life it is, from her 'random' death to her ultimate success over diversity. As she travels her seemingly random roads, Myra learns that she can not only survive, but overcomes the evil that has haunted her. Ultimately, it is a success story of someone who took life on it's own terms and manipulated it to her advantage. All of this, from the pretty little twin down the street on Virginia Park-wow!


owner of Hot Cherry Pit Pillows

Love your book, Myra. It’s truly an inspiration of strength, courage, wonder and deep connection. After experiencing a horrific attack, you turned your life into one of the most interesting, by following Divinely directed coincidences! I’m encouraging everybody to read your book!


Goodreads Reviewer


This is one of those stories that is hard to believe but is a true story. It shows how a Divine Power can often step in at the most devastating of times and demand that changes are made in one’s life.


Real Estate Agent


Thank you Myra, for sharing your story! Your book is a gift of hope and proves that lives can be transformed by trusting one's own intuition with an open and inquisitive mind. When we met, you were already a lawyer, setting precedents in law, standing up for what’s right and championing others. The more I got to know you, I learned about your inner strength and faith and now with reading your memoir, your story is even more fascinating!!!


Goodreads Reviewer

As a friend of Myra's I cannot say with certainty that my review would be impartial. I enjoyed the book, it is a well-written page-turner documenting a horrific incident followed by a very successful rebirth. Myra has triumphed in many fields, and it seems writing is another. Bravo!


Goodreads Reviewer

I like reading a book that takes me on an adventure and teaches me things I do not know. My Random Death does this and more. It's a real page-turner of a story about a horrible event and how Myra overcame being a victim of a violent crime to achieve her greatest dreams. She teaches us to look beyond the surface, to make sense of the silent, inner impulses that inform us and gives new meaning to coincidences. I highly recommend - a must read.


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I met Myra and her twin sister Marla in Grade 6 when I first moved to Windsor in 1966 – an awkward age and an awkward time to try and fit into new surroundings. The sisters befriended me and their friendship impacted me during my impressionable pre-teen years.


Reading Myra’s incredible journey through my dual lens of an adolescent and now as a “seasoned” adult was compelling. I read the entire book in two days – I couldn’t put it down! Her reflections on life’s signals and how she followed her intuition to fight for her life and then to be given a second chance to follow the signs to live her life accomplishing so many diverse goals – black belt, attorney, tarot reader, author - is an inspiration. As incredible as her life sounds, I am not surprised. The girl I knew was smart, sensitive, psychic, intuitive, artistic and determined. Her memoir demonstrates the power of being true to oneself, observation and perfecting goals to create an impactful life.


author of Grace of Gratitude Reflections

This excellent, captivating intriguing book, My Random Death, is a memoir of Myra's amazing life.



My Random Death by Myra Mossman. I could not put this book down. I was most engaged and found the writer to be so in detail and descriptive that I wanted to finish reading without stopping. This was possibly the most engaging story and I found the writer to be so detailed about what she went through that I felt like I myself was going through it with her. This is possibly the most detailed and engaging biographical narrative I have ever submerged myself in. Beautifully written and a must read!


Goodreads Reviewer

Myra Mossman’s first book My Random Death is a page turner. The memoir reveals how a horrific experience becomes the catalyst for her to take control of her life in extraordinary ways. With insightful reflections Myra provides us with personal details that we are not often privy to. For me it is an inside look at the life of the girl next door, an understanding I never expected to have. 
We are fortunate that Myra has written her story. What she has shared opens up an alternate perspective on the possibilities inherent in individual challenges, including the capacity to overcome, develop greater strength and consequently triumph.
Ultimately this is the story is of how one woman, instead of dying, wakes up to four divine directives that guide the way to mastery in the realm of mind, body and spirit.


Goodreads Reviewer

An amazing story. From a small industrial city in Ontario, Canada to the Supreme Court of the United States. From hitchhiking across a continent to performing the meticulous work of a master restoration artist. From dealing with the pain necessary to earn a Black Belt to the serenity achieved through intense meditation.

These are some of experiences shared in this memoir. But as its title says, they are not Random. They are an outgrowth of a violent day and a life spent in learning from that day.


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My Random Death: A Review
This book is a great read! An intimate journey spanning 40 years of a woman who found herself as she came back from actually being strangled to death. In the moments she regained consciousness she received messages from the divine that set the sta
ge for the adventures that follow.


Ms. Mossman actually puts us in her pocket while she embarks on her life journey. We are lucky enough to nourished by mouth watering roadside dishes …as she pursues the life that became clear to her when she returned from the other side. There the divine messages energize her spirit and she emerges knowing she will learn to interpret Tarot for more in-depth guidance while she is studying law. In this volume called a memoir , we frequently find ourselves almost holding our breath to see where she will take us. We embark on the adventure of her lifetime; starting out in the Toronto area and heading west through Canada.


There’s almost a love story a couple of times but M.Mossman is consumed by “the directives “ she received so the depth of her commitment to these “loves” is defined more by where she must go to further her goals. It was a privilege to get a ride alongside her amazing mind and sit in the front seat while she is propelled through time. A great combination of spirit and how it manifests in our real world!


Facebook Reviewer

Myra Mossman’s ‘My Random Death: A Memoir’, is a detailed account of her life (thus far), and how after being assaulted and left for dead on Martha’s Vineyard as a young woman; set in motion the many  accomplishments she’s achieved since then, on a deep and profound level. Myra’s story is one of richly layered insights and spirituality.


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Through vivid literary illustration the author Myra Mossman transcends the reader through a brilliant depiction of her spiritual voyage in search of her masterful authentic self. Driven by the haunting whisperings of a spiritual message she is compelled to redirect her life to follow each intricate step instructed by the Divine.


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Myra's book is a compelling determination to beat the odds. She is an amazing inspiration. 


My Random Death - A Memoir; incredible insights , hope, faith , astounding coincidences that teach their are no coincidences , ignoring our intuition is our pitfall in life. Death isn’t to fear. Life is. Our intuition guides us gently and sometimes not to gently to listen to our highest self without ego invading our enlightenment. We must be still and feel our way through this incredible lifetime. Enjoy our lives , stay aware, awake. Love your book Myra. You sharing your amazing journey is not only self healing for you , for many. Thanks


Amazon Reviewer

Worth Reading! Myra is very whimsical and interesting. Her spiritual journey and life's endeavors are noteworthy. I recommend this book for those who are on their own spiritual journey.


Fueled by a quest for meaning, and only briefly interrupted by her own murder, Myra Mossman's life has been extraordinary, dramatic, and surprising. In addition to adventures in hitchhiking, spiritual searching, and arguing a case before the U.S. Supreme Court, Mossman's story turns to a near-death experience on Martha's Vineyard in 1978, when a man strangled her and left her for dead. That (briefly) fatal incident awoke in the author five "divine directives" to follow in her life, setting her on a path to master Kabbalah, karate, Tarot, and more. Mossman achieved all this and more, moving between the U.S. and Canada, all while pondering the nature and fate of the "Evil Man" who once attacked her. This is a fascinating life and an excellent subject for a memoir.

Considering her creativity and accomplishments, it's no surprise that Mossman can craft an eloquent sentence. The prose in My Random Death offers many memorable, compelling descriptions of people and places, families and fashions, incidents and beliefs. Mossman's lines can be urgently dramatic and laugh-out-loud funny.

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