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"Let There Be Light"

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

I don’t have time to be nice. It will have to wait for later, when I can give comfort to the elders as they tell me stories of past deeds and wise ways. Right now, I have to slay a dragon.

I am home alone.

There is plenty to be concerned about over the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of presidential leadership to galvanize a nation and orchestrate a cohesive response. For many in this time of stress and uncertainty, aloneness can be a place where demonic forces consume them through fear, doubt, and worry. It’s when evil dragons are sent to appear in people's nightmares. Emitting flames of fire, they devour the dreamer’s psyche and defeat their will to be hopeful. In the morning the sleeper rises and acts for thyself alone. This selfishness derives from an imagined need for revenge and a lust for power.

An ancient Kabbalistic text, The Zohar, associates Evil with the Other Side. (Sitra Achra) where demons reside in abodes that are the opposite of holiness. These houses are shells with no doors or windows, similar to the husk of an ear of corn. It’s dark in there. The evil ones seep out through cracks in the floorboards and venture forth to wreck havoc upon the world.

I am home alone.

To a reggae beat, Bob Marley tells me, “Don’t give up the fight”. Destroy the demons. Slay the dragons and thrive. Let there be light in the darkness, the inner light of consciousness, goodness, and self-awareness.

Street Tarot
Street Tarot

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1 Comment

Christopher Fry
Christopher Fry
Apr 07, 2020

“To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead”

Bertrand Russell

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