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“Forgive, Rediscover, and Reconstruct.”

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

A Hasidic Rabbi once told me optimism wasn’t a gift a few lucky people were born with. He insisted all of us can have it, “Optimism must be developed. Similar to the muscles in your body, you need to exercise and work at strengthening a positive attitude.” When we apply this frame of mind to our current shelter-in-place situation it can be seen as an opportunity. Certainly with all the alone time, it’s a monumental moment to get fascinated with one’s self. I mean it in a good way and not in a narcissistic, self-indulgent Trumpian fashion.

No one said staying at home was going to be easy. The anxiety is fierce for many. Aloneness demands we confront ourselves and make tough assessments about ourselves. To forgive oneself, to rediscover oneself, and then to reconstruct oneself is part of a wholesome quest to find one’s authenticity. It is paramount to be ruthlessly honest concerning your likes and dislikes, and then strive to dig deeper. Some folks might find it difficult to self-reflect when self-deception is easier for them to pull off.

An optimist can see the present circumstance is ripe for a new, personal paradigm. A reconstruction motivated from within should not influenced by current fads and fancies. We are all unique. I know this for a fact. As a tarot reader for more than 35 years, I’ve never met a dull person. What drives people to have their cards read is when they’re energetically blocked from their gifts and talents, or they might lack the self-discipline to hone their skills, and make excuses that prevents them from achieving their goals.

Forgiving oneself is an opportunity to correct past wrongs. In Kabbalistic terms it is called, Tikkun Ha-Nefesh or healing of the soul. These last few weeks have brought many memories of mistakes and foolish things I’ve done. These painful arisings are the dross of our existence. In order to move forward and lovingly exonerate myself, it is necessary to shake-up old stuff, and slough-off negative habits. This act of self-love repairs my soul. It heals me from siding with my overly mean, internal prosecutor who condemned me to years filled with guilt and self-loathing. Now is the moment to liberate myself.

By the way, “Forgive, rediscover, and reconstruct” was adapted from a line in a film noir movie, which stuck in my head. Over the years, I’ve watched hundreds and can’t remember what picture it’s from. If you know, let me know.

Street Tarot
Street Tarot

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1 Comment

Christopher Fry
Christopher Fry
Apr 23, 2020

nice post.....this could be covid's purpose (we - as a species - subconsciously agree to manifest it)

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