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My Random Death - A Memoir 

by Myra Mossman

National Indie Excellence Awards

Finalist - True Crime Category

My Random Death-A Memoir 2020 National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist-True Crime Category
Myra Mossman's MRD Symbol
My Random Death-A Memoir Front Cover
A True Crime Story With A Mystical Twist

In this riveting story, author Myra Mossman shares what she previously kept hidden from law enforcement about the violent crime and her experience with death. To the police it appeared to be a random event. It just happened. She didn’t know the guy. He didn’t know her.

Less than an hour after the attack, Myra received five divine directives: move to the other side of the continent; learn to meditate; become skilled at a martial art; study meaningful coincidence; and learn about metaphysics. The sixth divine directive came ten years later when she was called to become a lawyer. For the past forty years, she has spent her time mastering those directives.

My Random Death - A Memoir  takes readers on a journey across North America and into their souls. It is about courage, triumph over evil and how our perceptions of the everyday, ordinary world can deepen. Ultimately it’s about trusting oneself and how the gift of intuition becomes revealed.

Myra Mossman's MRD Symbol

My Random Death

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My Random Death-A Memoir Full Cover

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My Random Death 

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My Random Death

My Random Death-A Memoir Front Cover

About The Author

Myra Mossman, Esq. is a federal criminal appeals attorney. She has extensive experience presenting oral arguments in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and an appearance before the United States Supreme Court. She is passionate in her practice of law and does so with the highest degree of integrity. She has handled appeals of major federal crimes occurring in Los Angeles and Central California. 

As a tarot reader and teacher for over 30 years, Myra works with the Holy Tree of Life layout. A student of Kabbalah for most of her life, her experience and knowledge extends to the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual Worlds. 

Myra is also an archival hand bookbinder and paper restorer, having worked at the Public Archives of Canada restoring maps, manuscripts and other flat works in ink and pencil. At the University of Western Ontario, she assisted in the conservation and restoration of their rare book and main collections. 

Myra has trained in martial arts for over 9-years. She is a first degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and has extensive experience in other styles, including Imperial Guard Skills Training. 

In early 2023, Myra Mossman was ordained as an Interfaith minister. Her mission is to teach a practical spiritualism. You can find Myra's posts about current events, and spiritual insights at her Street Tarot website. Click the link below.

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Myra Mossman lives in Santa Barbara, California. 

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