Updated: Oct 10, 2019

It’s another gorgeous day in Santa Barbara. Absent are the feelings of guilt that usually accompany me for not wanting to go outside. My current mood is to shut out the world, which puts me in a ‘Catch-22’ situation. One the one hand closing off helps me to concentrate on my mystical pursuits. On the other, I’m in the middle of marketing my memoir. It’s an occasion for self-promotion and public relations.

At the best of times, PR stuff is not my strong suit. I’m a loner by nature and not into selling myself. Aloneness builds inner strength and confidence. It’s a belief of mine that probably stems from being a twin. My current desire to disengage from our everyday work-world is due, in part, to Trump’s corruption. If allowed, his immoral and criminal conduct can drain us. His compassionless worldview, and cruel and self-serving policies can exhaust us. He will suck out our spirit and empty us. His is the kind of charismatic power consumed with the evil inclination. If unprepared, Trump will eat your soul.

All those who seek the light and the good know that first you must heal yourself. Only then you can help fix the world. In the spirit of self-help, the Zohar calls to me. This fundamental Kabalistic text tugs at my soul to become hermetic and study Torah through its ancient mystical teachings. I use the recently published Pritzker edition of the Zohar, translation from Aramaic and commentary by Daniel Matt. A few other gems aid my spiritual endeavor. I rely on ‘The Torah – A Modern Commentary’ in Hebrew with English translation and edited by Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut. Finally, there is the ‘The Jerusalem Bible – Reader’s Edition’ with commentary edited by Alexander Jones.

We cannot let Trump and his crowd win. The kids in cages at our Southern border cry out to us. I can hardly breathe! Now is the time to learn, to prepare myself, and receive the knowledge for the spiritual battle ahead. The fight is about good vs. evil, the lovers of light vs. the vampires of darkness.

Garden of Eden

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Updated: Aug 17, 2019

News about the coroner’s autopsy finding broken bones in the throat of wealthy, sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein brought back memories of my death by strangulation. Unlike Epstein who died by suicidal hanging in a jail cell while under federal detention, my death occurred in the woods on the idyllic island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Like Epstein’s, the hyoid bone was broken in my encounter with evil. Experts say a fracture of this bone is strong evidence of a homicide. The unique aspect about this bone is that, over time, it can heal itself. I can heal myself.

Newsweek’s Shane Croucher writes in his August 15th article, “the hyoid bone is U-shaped and sits at the front of the neck between the lower jaw and the voice box. ‘The primary function of the hyoid bone is to serve as an anchoring structure for the tongue. It has no articulation with other bones,’ states Encyclopedia Brittanica. The hyoid is fractured in one-third of all homicides by strangulation.”

The assertion of a broken hyoid bone found by the coroner raised some controversy over whether or not foul play brought about Epstein's demise. Although it does not exclude a death by suicidal hanging. In my case there was other physical clues to conclude a murder had occurred. The broken blood vessels in my eye was evidence of a violent, deadly crime. While being strangled the blockage of the throat forced the red blood into the whites of my eye.

The red spot lingered for a few months after I came back from death.

Paths We Share

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Chris who appears in my memoir as the dashing sea captain says, "Silence and acceptance will become America’s downfall! Just like in 1933 in Germany ! History repeats itself!"

I've telephoned the DC office of my congressman and told him it's time to begin an impeachment inquiry. Today, Rep. Carbajal pushed the number of representatives in the House calling for hearings to a majority of Democrats.

Trump’s criminal conduct is under investigation by the House committees and in my opinion warrants impeachment proceedings. What is not mentioned by Speaker Pelosi's August 2nd statement on the status of the probes is Trump’s crimes of moral turpitude and crimes against humanity. These acts are also under investigation by the House.

He is NOT MY PRESIDENT but in his name, and the names of his supporters and enablers, people at the US Southern Border are confined in cages and treated worse then we treat our pets. For those seeking political asylum in the US who must wait in Mexico, they live In filthy, disgusting ‘refugee camps’.

I can’t breathe from the amoral stench of Trump and his crowd of believers and followers. While Congress is in recess, it’s time to March and Rally again.

Paths We Share

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